The Doherty Foundation for Social and Civic Well-Being was founded by a father-daughter team with a passion for improving the lives of individuals, couples, families, and communities.

Our central focus is on conversations and relationships. Relationships are forged over a lifetime of conversations that can go well or poorly, leading to human flourishing or to pain and division. 

These conversations range from intimate pairs to extended family and friends and include how we interact with professionals in our lives. We’ve done work on lots of these kinds of relationship conversations, and we’re excited to share what we know and to learn from you.

What’s more, we want to help people have smart conversations using what we call RQ (relational intelligence) and SQ (systems intelligence). RQ helps with close relationships (friend, spouse, parent, or child), while SQ is necessary for more complex relationships (extended family, in-laws, post-divorce and blended families, as well as dealing with medical, school, and other community systems).  

Our Father/Daughter Conversation

A brand new offering will be our father/daughter conversations on a podcast.

We want to appeal to your current relational and systems intelligence and take it even higher.  Smart conversations are a way to better relationships, personal flourishing, and thriving communities.