Welcome to The Doherty Family Foundation for Social and Civic Well-Being!

Our mission is to increase the capacity of therapists and lay people to solve relational and social problems.

We're beyond excited to offer our fellow therapists a deep dive into areas of my professional legacy that can make a difference for our clients and communities. These include:

  • Bringing relational ethics to the work of therapists with clients.
  • Creating a cadre of “citizen therapists” making a difference in their communities.
  • Equipping people in marriage and committed relationships with the ability to resist the consumer culture of relationships and have flourishing, life-long unions.
Bill Doherty


Relational Ethics: The role of the therapist when clients are facing ethical pressures and dilemmas. We offer free training to therapists, based on the book The Ethical Lives of Clients: Transcending Self-Interest in Psychotherapy.

Citizen Therapists: A project and book coming soon about how therapists can go beyond the clinical hour to engage with communities and improve lives.

Marital First Responders: The great majority of Americans have been a confidant to someone about a marriage problem. This fun workshop (online and in person) helps people more intentional, skilled, and confident when a friend, coworker, or family member confides about relationship struggles. These conversations sometimes come up unexpected and others are daily dramas. Learn how to be a friend to someone's relationship without taking sides against their partner.

Modern Commitment: Learning how to resist the cultural pull towards a "consumer" approach to relationship commitment and marriage, and how to balance personal goals and the needs of others to sustain long term relationships.

The First Dance: Family systems theory meets wedding planning! Offers principles and strategies for handling the complex family dynamics of wedding planning. Our book proceeds will go to the Foundation. More to be released in the future.